About Us

We provide a complete range of services at affordable rates for private consumers including surveillance, locating missing persons, matrimonial detective services, lady Detective Services still and video photography, personal and executive protection, divorce evidence and counter-surveillance, missing persons, secret love affair, under cover detective, loyalty test investigation, frauds, cheating and embezzlements, etc. Your privacy could be undermined by someone close to you or a complete stranger. Find out what to do if you think you are being watched, bugged or followed.

We also assist companies with comprehensive background checks, surveillance installation and monitoring, counter surveillance, worker's compensation investigations; skip tracing, possession and collection services. With the astounding advances in today's technologies your enterprise is under constant threat of attack. Our experts can help you ward off attacks, and will train you in what do if you feel you have been compromised.

Our extensive and long term experience allows us to cover a very wide range of services. We can supply effective solutions to almost any problem or requirement. When you call us, you can discuss your case directly with a specalist Private Investigator who will assist you with available options and costs. Deciding to use an Investigation Agency is often done during difficult or demanding times, and we believe your experience with us should be helpful, secure and above all reliable.