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Background Checks

Domestic background checks usually center on preemptive intentions. Prenuptial agreements, the marriage of a child to someone questionable, and personal engagements with others are all good reasons to conduct background checks. When you call in and request a background check, your investigator will ask you several questions; trying to determine the area within which to concentrate the search. 

The Internet is a becoming a popular place to meet people and is fast becoming the singles bar of the new millennium. Many people of all classes are taking advantage of this convenient medium to search for love, romance and companionship.

But there are risks involved! It's easy for anyone to hide their true nature and identity behind a computer screen and represent them to be someone or something that they are not. However, the few bad apples who take advantage of the anonymity that the Internet provides should not stop you from pursuing an online relationship. Have fun surfing the Internet Personals and corresponding with your potential "Mr. Ms" but before you get too involved or commit to that first date, check-out your mate with a Confidential Background Search.