computer foreignsic investigation

Computer Forensics

Computer forensics is the investigation of computer systems to determine whether they are or have been used for criminal activities or civil offences.

There are now 2 corore  households connected to the Internet along with most of the Indian business community relying on computers it’s a sad fact that the level of computer-based crime is higher than it’s ever been. Our forensic analysts have years of experience in analysing data from hard drives, and are able to recover data from multiple deleted files. Our service provides the best software tools and programmes some of which are restricted for our use only.

Forensic IT requires a high degree of technical knowledge, along with a current understanding of the legal system. IT investigation can be damaged by an inability to present technical IT investigation results in a presentable legal format or from an IT technician's lack of experience as a professional witness.

This threatens to jeopardize future legal action. Prior to an investigator being instructed, we recommend clients avoid unnecessarily tampering with a suspect computer which may require investigation and to obtain appropriate advice, preferably before the device is touched.