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Criminal & Civil Defense

Detective Agency Delhi, Canon Detective, we have a team of investigators that not only has legal expertise but also the ear of one of India’s top detective teams. Your defense solicitor can only work on the facts given in your statement, when you compare the team of the prosecution; they also have a prosecution council, but also the whole of the police force at their disposal. It is imperative that you are tried on a level playing field, which is why it is essential that you contact us to review your case.

Police continually have to follow procedures, which they do most of the time. We know all of these procedures and if one small but significant procedure has not been adhered to, your case would immediately be thrown out of court.

Regardless of whether you are in custody, it would harm your defense if you tried to contact a material witness. We can overtly or covertly uncover the truth, making sure that any evidence obtained is court admissible.