gps tracking

GPS Tracking

India based Investigator agency provide and fit GPS vehicle tracking equipment to private and corporate clients.

A useful tool in modern surveillance techniques is the Covert GPS Vehicle Tracker; these are particularly useful in matrimonial issues that Detective Agency Delhi, Conan Detective offers. We have several of these Hi-Tech devices, and when used correctly and lawfully, can be a very good way of gathering intelligence and also as an operational tool, whilst carrying out surveillance which Detective Agency Delhi, Conan Detective offer.

When fitted to a vehicle the device will send a GPS signal to satellites which you the client are able to monitor the vehicles whereabouts 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. A unique feature of the trackers we use is we are able to set parameters around various - Once the vehicle passes through or out of the perimeter a text message and e-mail will be sent to the clients phone and e-mail address, this is particularly useful if you know of an area or address that your partner is visiting when they shouldn't be. 

Detective Agency Delhi, Conan Detective use various satellite tracking units which can be covertly installed in or on almost any vehicle. Our systems can then monitor where a vehicle is at any given time.
There are two types of systems: there are live GPS trackers that send the information from the device to a mobile phone or laptop in real time or a device that retains all the information of the journeys and then when the device is removed the information is then downloaded onto a laptop that will in turn work with Google maps. These systems can be used in various situations to include employee and matrimonial.

Our systems are self sufficient and do not require any third party involvement in order to track.
During any operation involving a tracker and a surveillance operative digital video, photographic material, GPS positions and all data will be obtained.