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Process Serving

» Surveillance

» Claims investigations

» Video Still Photography

» Tracing Verifying assets and property

» Claims assessment and verification

Services to Insurance Sector in Delhi Mumbai Banglore India companies will be well aware of the statistics regarding fraudulent claims made by unscrupulous people. The cost to the Insurance Industry as a whole is rising each year causing losses beyond estimation.

Services for the Legal Profession firmly believe that all suspicious claims must be thoroughly verified and investigated by professional investigators. Services for the Legal Profession act on behalf of many insurance companies investigating fraudulent and suspicious claims. Using the latest photographic and video equipment we ensure both video and still photography evidence is supplied, should this be required. We also assist large organizations that are swamped with staff constantly seeking compensation at every opportunity. By conducting a private investigation we attempt to either prove or disprove industrial injury allegations and fraudulent claims.

Our trained investigators are very successful in the gathering evidence, which can reduce your liability and in some cases render a plaintiff's claim invalid.